Wednesday, 14 September 2011

you matter

In Living a Life That Matters, Harold S. Kushner writes about two longings for which our souls yearn:

1. to be good
2. to matter / be important / make a difference

He talks about our need to know that we are valued and important. That the world takes us seriously. That we are deeply loved.

It made me think about what makes me feel like I'm good, or that I matter, or am important, or that I'm making a difference.

Derek and I are so old-fashioned and stubborn that we don't use a cell phone. We had one during the baby years, but we haven't used one for a few years now. We're thinking of getting a plan, but here's one of my biggest fears about cell phones: that they will make me think I'm important based on the number of calls/texts/vibrations I get. And while connections are a great way to feel important and loved, I don't want to become addicted to a little machine that will tell me that. But we shall see. Sometimes it seems irresponsible to NOT have a cell phone.

But I digress. I think that I feel most important, and that I matter, because of the relationships I cultivate. Because of the love that is shared. And I hope that I'm doing that every day - feeling and giving love freely to others around me.

"If a person has known love, has felt and given love, 
that person's life has made a difference." 
- Harold Kushner


  1. What a nice post. My relationships also make me feel like I matter. As for the cell phone, I have one but only turn it on when I need to make an out-going call, or I have left my kids with a babysitter. I did learn to text this year and was quite proud of myself - I have sent less than 10 in my life :) But I don't get the hype. It's so much easier to actually talk to my friends...and not in the middle of another conversation! (Have you ever seen two people at a restaurant sitting across from each other and looking down at their phones to text?! That always makes me crazy.)

  2. Yes that makes me crazy too, Kristen. And another thing that makes me crazy: people walking down the streets, not looking around them or above them or below them or, heaven forbid, at the person's face they're passing on the street - but right at their little device. Annoying. I kind of want to yell at them: WAKE UP! LOOK AROUND YOU! YOU'RE MISSING ALL OF THIS!