Wednesday, 28 September 2011

spinning a web

I just have to say more about this spider I watched during my walk on Monday. And what that spider is teaching me. Crazy, eh?

Can you see the spider in the middle of the photo, and the web strings around it?

It rained really hard on Monday night, and in the morning, I wondered what happened to that little web. Because it's so fragile. I love storms when I'm cozy inside my home, but when I'm driving or walking? Not so much. 

I'm sure that webhome would have been damaged from the wind and rain, if not obliterated altogether. But was that spider worried? I'd like to think not. I imagine she'd had a nice insect supper, and took shelter under some leaves for the night. Then in the morning, when the sun came out, perhaps she started all over again, unperturbed that her work had been destroyed. Spinning because that's just what she does. Because it's her sustenance. It's her purpose. And how does she walk around on that thing without stumbling and falling through? Instinctively, she knows how to build. And then she just keeps going, one step at a time. 

This is what I want. To know that each day I have all I need to survive, and even to thrive. To swing and sway with the wind, take shelter during the storms, then start all over again, repairing, creating, weaving. And then take one step at a time. And then suck the blood out of anything that bugs me. Just kidding on that last part. 


  1. "And then suck the blood out of anything that bugs me. Just kidding on that last part." Sure, sure you are... ;-)

  2. You could start a vampire blog!

    Thanks for sharing all these every-day-wisdoms, Rebecca. I love reading your blog.

  3. Bryan! Thank you for these words. A vampire blog... hmmm... not sure I'm such an expert in that area, and there are probably lots flooding the market since the Twilight series.