Tuesday, 27 September 2011

glimpses of fall

I do love fall. The crisp mornings, the warm sun, and the colour. I think it's my favourite time of year to go for a walk.

So yesterday I went to one of my favourite walking spots - where I remember walking with my grandparents - the Mill Race in St. Jacobs. Feels like a little bit of home to me.

This little muskrat was my traveling companion for a piece of the walk - him swimming, me walking. He didn't seem to mind my presence, and I was delighted by his. I could walk at a comfortable pace, keeping stride with his little legs in the water.

stopping to wash his face and paws
busy Mrs. Spider
It honestly makes me catch my breath - all of this changing and beauty around me. And to watch this spider spinning this delicate web it makes me think that all of my September spinning that has seemed futile and fragile might actually be worthwhile and even beautiful.


  1. you continue to write little breaths of fresh air for us to enjoy every morning. Thank you for the reminders to see the goodness and awe in every day.

  2. This walking path IS a little "heaven on earth", AND a great spot to get engaged! :-) Thank-you Rebecca for these "glimpses of fall"!!!

  3. Being a native Floridian for most of my life, fall is kind of a new concept for me. I'm not convinced yet that it's awesome, though I will admit that the leaves can be pretty. If only they'd all change at the same time though!