Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday fondue

We have created a little tradition at our house over the past few years: to have a "first week fondue" to celebrate the end of the first week of school. But really, any Friday is cause for celebration. And cause for fun,  French-inspired foods.

We have a cheese fondue, followed by a chocolate one. Chocolate is the favourite, hands down.

Our fondue recipes are embarrassingly simple (and might just make a few frenchmen/women squirm). 

Cheese fondue: buy a pre-made fondue package from the cheese deli (we like the Presidents' Choice one  at Zehr's - we also bought these often in France). There are lots of great recipes from scratch, I'm sure, but we like the taste of this kind. Melt it down. Eat with cubes of cut up baguette and pickles on the side. Some sliced meat, pickled onions, and olives too if you're really feeling fancy. 

Chocolate fondue: Get a humongous chocolate bar (we like the Presidents' Choice one at Zehr's - 300 g bar). I use a whole milk chocolate bar and half of an extra dark one. Break it in chunks and melt it on low in a pot on the stove. When it's all melted down, it's not creamy enough for me, so I just add some milk - maybe 1/4 cup - maybe more, but add a little at first and then add more if you need to. The chocolate kind of curdles or something at this step, but just use a whisk and keep stirring it, and adding a little more milk if needed and it should come out nice and smooth. Then dip whatever fruits you like! We like to dip pretzels too.

Happy weekend to you! First on my list this weekend: rest.


  1. I would love a recipe for the cheese and chocolate fondue. A great tradition to have. Love the photo, the place mats, the plates very inviting. Happy Friday to you too :) PS Tomorrow is the Apple Butter and Cheese Festival in Wellesley. There is a 1km fun run for kids (Megan will run) at 9:30 and a 5km fun run/walk for adults at 10. We will be there. Kirk is one of the organizers. Just an idea :)

  2. Shauna, my "recipes" are super simple. I added them to the post above. Basic instruction: go to Zehrs.

    Hope you had a good ABC festival. One of these years we'll make it! Group violin lessons trumped it this year.

  3. Loved how simple this recipe was and it tasted great! I used the best chocolate we get here and there were no leftovers! We dipped crystallized ginger, marshmallows, apple, strawberries, graham crackers - all sorts and everything tasted great with it!

  4. My kid's favorite party dip. I love how you make your version.

  5. Just divine! We did the dark chocolate and 1/2 cup milk version, very good!