Friday, 16 September 2011

taking flight

There is something about butterflies starting their long migration to Mexico and my youngest daughter going to Kindergarten that connect for me.

When we released our 3 butterflies this year, there was a mix of joy and sadness and great hope. And a prayer. Because Mexico's a long way off. A lot could happen on that journey.

And then I look at Eden. Her road ahead is unknown too, but these first days in a new school feel very big and daunting and there are some tears.

Release. And flight. And the journey ahead.

I send Eden off, knowing that this is just a tiny part of her journey - one that will hopefully be long and successful. God willing. Some days I pretend to squish her down to baby size so that she won't grow any bigger. But I can't shrink her, or stunt her growth, any more than I can stuff that butterfly back into its broken chrysalis.

Whenever I see a monarch these days, I say a little prayer. For my hands to open in release, and not hold onto what was. For a safe journey. For courage to face the unknown. And for her to always know where home is, and migrate back sooner than I even realize.


  1. An important message for us all!
    You have me in tears this morning, Rebecca. You have put into words what all of us releasing our children into this big ol world are feeling.
    May we have the courage and faith to allow our children to become who they are supposed to be, and to allow for mistakes along the way....

  2. Yes, may it be so, Rachel. I find this is the hardest part of parenting - the letting go.

  3. Rebecca, this rings so very true. You put to words what I am feeling. Tomorrow another Monday.... Megan off to school for her third day. So hard to let go ..... courage indeed. Good night friend.

  4. Bon courage to you, Shauna. This is hard on moms, eh?