Monday, 29 August 2011

where my feet take me

Some days - maybe particularly in the summer months - my feet take me to places of such beauty. And calm. When I let them. Like this past week, visiting relatives at a cottage on Lake Erie.

Morning sun shone over the lake, cicadas mixing with crickets along the well-worn path, and the lapping of soft waves on the shore. I could do this every morning - the feel of the hot sun on my skin mixed with frigid lake waters on my toes. The blue heron flying overhead. And water - as far as the eye can see.

I think that in the summer, I'm more willing to follow my feet. To take the time.

A little peek into where my feet took me in motion right here or right here below:

Lake Erie from Rebecca Seiling on Vimeo.

And in still right here:

To what places of beauty have your feet taken you this season?


  1. Rebecca--the feet in flip flops look like yours, makes me think of that time at a lake in India in 1995 when someone stole your birkenstocks and there was a wild run to retrieve them.

  2. Yes, they're my feet, and I think I can guess who you are, Anonymous! I will never forget having those Birks stolen in Kodaikanal, seeing the culprit on the other side of the river, running to catch up with him, yelling "I'll even pay you for them!" but no use. And I remember walking back to the guest house - 1/2 way bare foot, and 1/2 way in flip flops too small for me from a kind Indian girl who pitied me and insisted I wear hers. How could I say no? Humbling, and made me realize just how many people in this world get by without comfy birks on their feet.