Monday, 8 August 2011

5 ways to get a new lease on life

1. Throw out all your underwear. Buy new ones. You'll feel like a million bucks. Trust me.

2. Find a monarch caterpillar. Put it in a container with a breathable lid. Feed it fresh milkweed each day, and empty out its poo. Keep it for about 3 weeks and watch it become a chrysalis, then transform into a butterfly. We've been doing this for the past couple of years, and it does not cease to amaze me. It's so inspirational and magical - a wonderful demonstration of letting go, resting, allowing change to come, and transforming into something altogether new.
caterpillars munching on milkweed
hanging and resting in a j-shape
getting ready for the chrysalis stage
3. Invite someone new over for dinner. See what you learn.

4. Plan a one-day stay-cation in your home town. Visit the sights like you're a tourist, seeing them for the first time. Learn some local history.

5. Buy a pack of Fun Dip and eat it all by yourself.


  1. i hear you on the underwear statement. also, i LOVE fun dip :)

  2. I know where to find underwear. I know where to find fun dip (mmmm...). Where do I look for monarch caterpillars & milkweed?
    One more suggestion for a new lease on life...clean out your tupperware cupboard! If it's stained, marked, missing a lid, doesn't fit into the kids' lunchbox, smells, etc., toss it. You'll love the extra space!

  3. Uncanny! We just took a staycation this weekend--going out for coffee instead of making it at home, two nights eating street food at the Blues Festival, splashing through the Victoria Park splash pad, and canoeing & picnic at Rockwood GRCA (not quite in our own city but pretty close).
    I also just threw out most of my underwear this morning after buying new ones on Saturday! We must be on the same wavelength...

  4. Kristen: :)

    Must try the tupperware cupboard suggestion. Thanks!

    Monarch caterpillars eat only milkweed. So if you find milkweed (often by the side of the road or on the edges of fields where I'm from in Ontario), you'll hopefully see some signs of monarch caterpillars. Those signs can range from bite marks to actual little (or big) caterpillars. You can also buy them - there is a garden centre in our area that sells the caterpillars. This is the time to find them. By early to mid September most have become butterflies and have started their migration to Mexico.

    Wendy: too funny that we both liberated our underwear drawers this past weekend!

  5. I have never heard of FunDip. Am I missing out?

  6. Yes, Carrie, you are. Here's a wikipedia page I can direct you to: But it's best to just head to the corner store and buy one for yourself. Eat it when you need a sugar high or a shot of energy. Hide it from kids. It's something that was a treat when i was a kid, but I still like it every once in a blue moon - like when I need a new lease on life. :)