Friday, 12 August 2011

free food

Is there anything better than free food? Or food that you've foraged from your parents' gardens?

Here are my free fun food escapades for the week:

1. Raspberry Rosemary Red Currant Jelly

I used this recipe and added some raspberries and rosemary. Free, except for the white sugar and pectin.

red currants
picking red currants
raspberry red currant juice
2. Applesauce    Apples + water = pretty much free

currant bushes, corn fields and apple trees
mashing up the cooked apples into applesauce

What free foods do you forage for?


  1. We've got all kinds of wonderful things that grow in our simplex here in South Africa. Avocados, oranges, mandarins, lemons, mangoes, litchis, and there used to be a kumquat tree. It is wonderful to pick oranges off the tree just outside our door. Delicious too...
    Karen Suderman

  2. I have foraged for apples, cherries and service berries in our neighbourhood in past years. I also have wild grapes growing in our yard, and I consider our rhubarb to be free as we got the plant as a division from a friend's farm. I also had a Sun Gold cherry tomato plant grow up from seed on its own in our garden this year, and it is doing better than the two tomato plants that I purchased as seedlings! Every time I eat one it feels like a gift from nature.
    Nothing as exotic as Karin in South Africa(I'm jealous), but fun and free none the less.

  3. Karen!!! A very different crop assortment than currants and apples! Wow - you are blessed. Do you make juice? Other stuff?

  4. Wendy - we had some cherry tomato plants come up on their own too - I love this! My grandpa always called those kind of plants "volunteers." I'm glad nature volunteers to reseed itself like that without help from purchased seedlings! Yes, I'd count rhubarb as free too. What are service berries?

  5. Rebecca, Mark and I made applesauce last week and hadn't made it since our children were small! Now with a 8 month old grandson we decided to try it again and it was so much fun! Mark always helps me with this kind of project (always has) and it made me want to do more of this kind of thing! Somewhere through the years we lost this - enjoying Gods wonderful bounty! -Sharon B

  6. Sharon: I have great memories of making applesauce with my Grandma. When your grandson is a bit older, he can join in the fun too! That's great that you made a batch for him.