Wednesday, 3 August 2011

summer camp

canoeing on Fraser Lake
Is there a more magical place than summer camp? And a better idea than family camp - where parents AND kids get to have fun together? And that it happens to be the place where my husband and I met?

We've been going to Fraser Lake's family camp for 6 years now. We all look forward to going, counting down the days. The ride there is beautiful, with an obligatory stop at Kawartha Dairy for ice cream. The days at family camp are full and fun - we stuff as much as we can into each day.

mother and daughter on the climbing tower

tie-dying fun
jumping off the water trampoline
the lake mid-day
crayfish hunting
dress up meals: Wild West theme
dragon boat crew
low ropes course
glorious sunsets
And I haven't even mentioned the millions of stars, the friends, the wonderful staff, the fun campfires with rousing songs, bracelet making, wagon rides to the treehouse, swimming off the barge in the middle of the lake, hunting for monarch caterpillars, spraining an ankle while playing basketball (Derek), getting 2 wasp stings in the raspberry patch (me), the clear glassy lake in the early morning, and the call of the loons every evening. 


  1. sounds blissful. fraser lake is such a beautiful and magical place. we'll be there next summer!

  2. Oh that just makes me want to go back to the camp where Jon & I met too (Camp Evergreen, Alberta)!!! Where did the girls get those ADORABLE ponies as part of their theme meal costumes!!?? It all looks so inviting, so refreshing and fun. EXCEPT the crayfish. Those I will HAPPILY leave for someone else ;P.

  3. We'll see you there next year, Kristen!

    Leah: I didn't know that you met at camp too! The ponies - they're from a garage sale - $1 each. Not bad, eh? Yes, it's a pile of fun for adults and for kids. I highly recommend it!

  4. Sounds wonderful. Looking at the photos makes me want to go to camp again...maybe next year :)

  5. My sister bought a property last year on Fraser Lake, around 1 km from the camp. I'll be there on Labour Day weekend. She rents out the cottages (which are not very fancy) if you ever want to go to the lake sometime. It's a beautiful little lake! A long drive from Niagara!!!

  6. Carol- I'd love to know more about your sister's cottage. I can imagine it's a long way from Niagara though!

  7. Seriously considering Trailblazers for Anouck and Charlie in 2013!! I would really love for them to get the Canadian camp experience and Fraser Lake sounds like a wonderful place to do it.

  8. That guy stanging up in the boat back there looks like Eric Musselmen-the camp director. Lol.