Wednesday, 24 August 2011

something God alone can see

monarch chrysalis, about to transform

pregnant belly, about to transform

I don't think I'll ever get tired of observing a caterpillar change to be a chrysalis, then a butterfly. I'm inspired by the total transformation - the miracle! - from one state to another. From crawling as a yellow-black-white larva to flying with orange and black wings.

What surprises are stirring inside my soul that only God can see? I want to look with God's eyes to see the potential transformation in others and in myself. Give me eyes to see the pregnant moments, the chrysalis wonder all around me.

A writer arrived at the monastery to write a book about the Master.

"People say you are a genius. Are you?" he asked.

"You might say so." said the Master, none too modestly.

"And what makes one a genius?" 

"The ability to recognize." 

"Recognize what?"

"The butterfly in a caterpillar: the eagle in an egg; the saint in a selfish human being."
- Anthony de Mello

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