Thursday, 4 August 2011

morning fishing

Because it's the last month of summer holidays, I'm de-cluttering my blog posts for the month. Less words. Mostly images. So here is the first:

5:00 am fishing. 
Lake like glass, 
sun rising through clouds, 
fish nibbling, 
loon calling,
paddle dipping,
children sleeping, 


  1. Beautiful. Was that at Fraser Lake? I love photos that show the front tip of a canoe. That upward/forward point is so stamped in my mind that I feel a deep calm when I see one. Perhaps truck drivers have the same sense with those tree air=fresheners.
    The direction of the point, bringing my gaze toward the horizon is probably related to why I like it too. Lets my mind rest in the beyond the beyond.

  2. It was Lake Nipissing - our first morning there after we heard the moose call! I love that point of the canoe too, Jon. I love how you describe it.