Tuesday, 16 August 2011

10 ways to clear your mind

I'm on the same train of thought as last week's post on getting a new lease on life. Clearing my mind and getting a new lease on life seem quite similar. At one point yesterday afternoon, my mind was too full of details and I just felt off. My husband enthusiastically encouraged me to get myself out of the house and go for a walk before supper - even if it was just 10 minutes. And it worked! It was like it rebooted my mind and I could think more clearly. Too often I forget these little tricks. On this walk, I thought of other ways that I like to clear my mind. Here are some. Perhaps you have some to add too!

1. Turn off your computer. Get outside. Walk, bike, run, or just sit and listen to the birds, crickets, frogs, cicadas, rush of traffic. Jump in the water and float on your back.

2. Breathe. And think about it. In with the good, out with the bad (I learned this yesterday morning with my children at our church's VBS).

3. Hug someone. And mean it.

4. Drink some Nutella hot chocolate on a cool evening.

5. Write it down in a journal, letter, or scrap of paper to get the words out of your brain.

6. Create something with words, paper, fabric, paint, wood, leaves, flowers, yarn, fruit, pastry, chocolate, whatever.

7. Yell to the outdoors. This works really well if you live in the country and have few neighbours. In cities and towns, not so much.

8. Reboot your mind. Start a new train of thought and refuse to go down certain well-worn brain-paths.

9. Watch a great movie. Read a great book. The Help by Kathryn Stockett is a wonderful one for both categories this summer. Laugh or cry, or better yet, both.

10. Pray like someone's really listening.


  1. Rebecca - This is a good reminder to take the 10 minutes to honour your mental health. It's often too easy to "have to " get the work done, and not recognize when it's time for a creativity, breathing, or excercise break. I was reminded of the breathing too, yesterday at VBS.
    I'd like to add for myself - reading this blog!

  2. "Yes and Amen" to "reading this blog." Each morning I spend time with God because of your thoughts. I use it as my intentional time with God. Thanks Rebecca.

  3. Thank you, Rebecca. I have received so many positive wibes from your Blog. The children are blessed to have you for their mother. The summer is busy but so interesting for the girls. The photos tell it all.

  4. Very appropriate as I need to clear my mind before major surgery tomorrow morning! I am looking at fireflies and at bats in the darkening sky

  5. Thanks, Rachel. I know - simple things like this are sometimes the hardest to remember!

    Thanks, Lisa! I'm honoured.

    Thanks, Linda! You are so sweet.

    And may the memories of fireflies - tiny lights in the darkness - light your way during the surgery tomorrow.