Sunday, 16 June 2013

things you can buy in Benin

I think you can tell a lot about a place by the things that they have for sale. Perhaps seeing these various products will give you a peek into some aspects of life in Benin.

bissap flowers for making bissap juice

pounded and dried palm nuts for making sauce

tailor made clothing 

our talented tailor
cheap gas from Nigeria in water and pop bottles

more gas and motorcyle tires

coffins (very readily available by the side of the road 
and easily transportable via motorcycle)

baobab juice (and ginger and mango juice too)


small brooms (this is the sound we heard every morning and evening, and we'll miss it)

fresh produce

fresh mangoes and watermelons

oranges that you can drink from

Jesus stickers


clothing at the market


freshly killed birds

shrimp and other things at the Cotonou market 
(a crazy, crazy place, by the way, that makes the St. Jacobs market look like a lazy and quiet café. The Cotonou market is open 7 days a week, rain or shine.)

motorcycle rides (this is Eric, who works at BBI, so we didn't buy this ride, but motorcycle taxis can take you across the city for less than 50 cents)

braids :)


  1. What beautiful outfits! Zoe,great braids! Were you the only one brave enough to go for it? I remember when Heather had her braids done with her thick hair and they added extensions to hold it together. 2 or 3 people worked on it for about 6 hours and she had a headache after because it was so tight.
    Is that Dorea in the background of the moto picture? She was around 2 the last time I saw her.
    Good for you for braving the market!:-)
    See you soon! Hugs, Sue S.

    1. Zoe was the only one to get braids - but try to look surprised when you see her. She wasn't happy that I put this photo on the blog. She wanted it to be a surprise for people!

      Wow - Heather's hair sounded like quite a project! Zoe had a headache too the first night.

      Yes - that's Dorea! The girls spent a lot of time with her at BBI.

  2. Wonderful photos, Rebecca :) How wonderful that we have this kind of technology for sharing your travels. I have appreciated this glimpse of life in Benin. I have especially loved the variety of perspectives from Eden, Zoe and yourself. I love that Eden and Zoe gave their own voice to what they experienced, and shared their interpretations and observations. A true gift. Thank you.

    I would love to "beam" over for a trip through the fabric shops :) Your outfits are beautiful! Your tailor is truly amazing!

    Again - Safe travels home.
    See you soon!!
    Shauna :)

    1. Thanks, Shauna. Yes - you would love the fabric here! I'm afraid I'm not bringing home enough - ah, well. :)