Friday, 14 June 2013

the whole family writes: we'll miss... we're looking forward to...

As we think about making our voyage home (we'll be home on Monday evening - hard to believe!) we talked about the things we'll miss from Benin, and the things we're looking forward to at home.

We'll miss:

* dancing and singing in church (Eden)

* the food - fresh fish with sauce and fried plantain (Derek)

* the joie de vivre of the people here, their resilience and innovation, their long salutation greetings, the music (Rebecca)

* the sound of the balain brooms in the morning and evening (Zoe)

* goats and sheep roaming the streets (Eden)

* lizards inside and outside the house (Zoe)

* motorcycle rides (Eden)

* the friends we've made here (Zoe and Eden)

* sleeping under a mosquito net and feeling like a princess (Rebecca)

* fresh pineapple, mangoes, and bananas (Derek)

* how people sing and dance (Eden)

* being called "yo-vo" (Eden)

* Group work and chores at La Casa Grande and washing the dishes (Zoe)

* chores with Dorea and La Casa Grande (Eden)

We're looking forward to: 

* seeing friends and family again (Zoe)

* my birthday in July (Eden)

* not being called "yo-vo" and having people touch my hair and my skin (Eden)

* cooler nights for sleeping (Rebecca)

* no more traveller's diarrhea :)

* not taking malaria pills anymore (Eden)

* not having people ask me if I can stay and live with them in Benin, or ask if I want to marry them (Eden)


  1. It is hard to believe that a month has passed already. You have seen and experienced so much. Safe travels home.