Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Eden writes: creatures in Benin

There are different creatures here in Benin than in Canada.

We saw a baby frog. He was so adorable! The cutest little thing.

Debora, Eugenie and I were catching grasshoppers for awhile. When I opened my hands a teeny bit, then they would hop out. If you really want to catch them, you have to kill them. There were HUGE grasshoppers.

Me and Zoe saw a lizard in the house and I caught it. But by accident, we chipped off part of its tail. It was hilarious because the tail kept moving after it chipped off. We laughed and laughed.

I showed my mom and Zoe a termite hill behind L'école Les Leaders. It was HUGE. There were probably 100,000 termites in that hill. The hill was taller than Zoe on 1 side and not on the other.

There was a moth that couldn't fly that we found by our house. So we picked it up and then it flew up to the top of the wall, but just fell down again. The next day, kids were shooting rubber bands at it and hitting it with a broom. It lost all of its wings and it was just crawling around as a little creature. Then they killed it. I was really sad and I cried.

Here is a dragonfly that I saw.

Here is a cockroach that was in our house. I even measured it!

There were thousands of lizards around La Casa Grande. Here are some pictures of them.

À demain,


  1. Hello Eden! We liked your pictures of the creatures in Benin. Megan liked the moth the best and the frog. Megan and Erik asked, "Why did they kill the moth?". We were sad too. "I love that!" Erik said pointing to the photo of the lizard on the rock. We look forward to reading more about your trip!
    Love, Megan, Erik and Shauna xo

    1. Thanks, Megain, Erik, and Shauna. Gee, Erik, the lizard on the rock IS cool. :) Eden

  2. We really liked seeing the creatures that you've met in Benin. You have such a big heart for all of God's creatures.

    Bethany, Madeline and Amelia

    1. Thanks, Bethany, Madeline and Amelia. Madeline really likes God's creatures too. And when Amelia grows up she will too. Eden

  3. I love your love of animals, Eden! You and Zoe are such keen observers... so proud of you two!
    Love, Aunt Melissa

    1. Thanks, Melissa! How's Simeon and Jon? Eden