Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Eden writes: Ganvié, Benin

On Tuesday we went to Ganvié. We had a type of cruise. We were going on a boat but it didn't look like a usual boat in Canada. This is the boat we were on:

We saw a crab in the boat. He was walking around everywhere and I was scared of it but Zoe said, "The crab's more scared of you than you are of it, right, Mom?"

He was pacing back and forth. It was so funny to just watch him. This is the crab we saw:

We went to 2 stores and the first one we saw had a restaurant connected to it.

The buildings in Ganvié were all on stilts. There were even houses on stilts!

I had no idea how they got from their house to their boat, but we still kept on going through the water.

If they wanted to buy anything, they had to go in boats. The little kids didn't really know how to walk because they were always in boats going around instead of walking.

There were 3 boats in each home. One was for the children, one was for the dad, and one was for the mom.

Kids learn how to catch fish by themselves when they're 6. I wouldn't be able to do that even though I'm six! They didn't use paddles like we do in Canada.

There were 2 churches but only one was on water. Not everything there is on water. Some is on land. There is just a little bit of land that they made themselves. There is also one mosque.

We saw lots of fish. We bought 2 shirts, one for me and one for Zoe at the second store.

And here are some pigs we saw today too. They were really cute just seeing them walking around. They were following us at one point. 

Bye for now! 


  1. Eden (and the rest of you!)- those photos of Ganvier look very familiar. So many of your photos and observations bring back memories of our SJMC trip several years ago. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time and taking in all sorts of new experiences. I look forward to hearing and seeing more when you get back to Canada. Blessings on the rest of your time and your trip home.

    Mark Diller Harder

  2. Eden,
    I liked hearing about your trip to the village on water. It made me think of Venice, but it's a little bit different. Do you think you would like living in a village on stilts? Where do the children play? In their homes? Do they swim in the water? How do you take a dog for a walk? It's really neat to learn about these different places. Thanks for sharing.
    Aunt Bethany

    1. I would love to live in a village on stilts. The children swim, and there is some land that they have created near the school, and they play soccer there. They don't have dogs there, I don't think.

  3. Hello Eden! I loved reading about your trip to Ganvier. I am amazed that the children paddle their own boats! I liked your story about the little crab that you saw on the boat. I am loving learning about different places, homes, and creatures from you. How would they build these homes on stilts? How deep is the water around these homes? Thanks for sharing about your trip.

    :) Shauna

    1. The water isn't so, so deep. There's an interesting story about how this village came to be - the people were fleeing from a king, and set up their village there. The name means something like "living in peace" because they found a way to escape the king and live in peace. There are also some magical parts of the story - like someone throwing a callaba into the water and it turning into a crocodile that the people could walk across to safety. But then the crocodile wasn't there for their enemies!

  4. It sounds like you have all had quite a neat experience. I shared this with the grade 2 class I was helping in. They would of loved to hear all your experiences. They were quite impressed with the 6 year old children fishing on their own and non thought they would be able to do that.I am looking forward to hearing all about your experiences.

  5. Eden,

    I love your writing style too! I appreciate the way you notice the details in nature. It's fun to see the different animals and insects.
    I was surprised when I read about people only travelling by boat, and that kids had their own boats. I can't imagine living on a house on stilts.
    Thank you for sharing these photos and reflections. Alice and I absolutely love reading this blog together!!