Friday, 7 June 2013

La Casa Grande, part one

How do I even begin to sum up the past 2 weeks? They have been wonderful and we have been blessed immensely. I have a whole whack of photos to sort through, so I'll try to put our experiences in to bite-size pieces for you. :)

Derek was teaching a course in Cotonou, but he joined us for the last 5 days of our time at La Casa Grande.

La Casa Grande is a children's home in Allada, Benin. It's on a beautiful tract of land in the hills, with lush green trees and plants all around. We went to sleep to the sound of drumming at the neighbouring church and the chirping of crickets. We woke up to the sound of sweeping and children's voices - the children doing their chores around the property.

I'll post a few pictures to give you a glimpse of the children there. There are 33 children there right now - ages 4 months to 18 years. Some have lost both parents, and there are several who have one parent remaining. La Casa Grande is a beautiful place for them to live. The houses are bright, clean and tidy, the food is wonderful, the staff are caring. Everyone has enough.

While we were there, one of our jobs was to help care for the babies. Zoe and Eden loved this. Vivien, the boy, and Vivienne, the girl, are 4-month-old twins.

We also helped to entertain the preschool kids, the 3 characters you see in the front row of the photo above. 

And here's a photo of the whole group:

We left this afternoon with warm hearts and teary eyes. Their warm welcome and the things we learned made a truly unforgettable experience.


  1. I love the pictures from the orphanage. Zoe and Eden look like such loving, big girls to their new friends. Madeline loves the pictures too (surprise!). Can't wait to hear more about you time there.

  2. Rebecca! So wonderful to hear from you. Zoe and Eden look right in their element holding the babies and smiling with their new friends. What an experience. Looking forward to hearing part two. We will be thinking of you tomorrow as the family gathers for Amelia's baby dedication. xo Shauna

  3. So glad to hear the update from your time at La Casa Grande. The setting sounds wonderful. I'm looking forward to hearing more once you're back, and dreaming about how we can further our relationship/partnership with them. I'm sure Zoe & Eden made memories that will last their lifetime. What a great experience for your family.
    (We just got home from a wonderful weekend of church camping at Riverstone.)

  4. So good to hear from you Rebecca... all of you have been in my mind/heart often. I cannot wait to hear more of your stories and how this time has impacted you. Sending you love from rainy Ontario,