Tuesday, 18 June 2013

stomach souvenirs

Some things that our stomachs and taste buds will remember from our last month:

Eden, so excited to have her airplane food on Alitalia flight to Rome

foods in Rome

so excited to see some grocery store items we liked from our time in France 3 years ago:
muesli with chocolate and coffee yogurt
fresh drinking water fountains all over Rome
the flight to Cotonou: ah France, even your airline food is palatable, 
especially the children's menu

breakfast in Benin: 
bouie, a rice soup that you mix with sweetened condensed milk
 yummy fresh bread every morning
ingredients for our hot chocolate every morning at La Casa Grande:
cocoa, sugar, powdered milk
 fresh coconut

cooked salad, always so pretty in presentation

the cooking fire at La Casa Grande, where all meals were made

 a poisson croissant, a fitting mix of French and Beninese (has fish filling)

fresh tilapia fish with rice, plaintain, and mango juice

 a meal at La Casa Grande: rice, fish, and escargots

pate rouge (made from maize flour) and tomato onion sauce

Mama Doréa and Doréa making pate rouge
 pate rouge with turkey wings
 plantain chips
 palm nuts and leaves: ingredients for a yummy sauce

 tiny, bite-sized fish that you eat whole, with salad and fries
Derek's father's day breakfast in Paris

Derek's father's day supper in Paris: escargots and cheese plate

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