Thursday, 3 November 2011

one Cheerio at a time

If you're looking to slow down your life, get a 10-month old baby, sit on a couch, and feed her one Cheerio at a time.

Do this for at least 15 minutes, preferably with no other distractions around you. Don't think about anything else, especially not lists.

It is bliss, I tell you, pure bliss.


  1. And where might I get a 10-month old baby? Delightful picture! The girls are continually changing, growing older and more beautiful.

  2. OK - if a Grandma has never before posted a comment on a blog this is perfect allure! Like Halloween candy to a child.
    Beautiful photo.
    Great recipe for bliss.
    Bless you for laying aside your lists.

  3. Linda: contact Bethany - I'm sure she'd be happy for another babysitter!

    Mom: the lists were laid aside until 4:00am. Pretty good, eh?

  4. do you have a 10-month old baby to loan?!!! this image is precious...and i cannot tell you how much i love your thoughts on slowing down. sometimes it takes something like cheerios to help us see the way.

  5. Michelle - good to hear from you! No - but my sister does. I was babysitting the other night. And maybe it's more precious because I'm out of that stage with my own kids. When you're feeding cheerios one at a time all day every day it doesn't feel so special sometimes...

  6. Three very sweet girls! Great reminder to slow down.

  7. I Love these girls! Great post, Rebecca.
    Also, on dancing in the morning: my little guy has taken to demanding that we dance before anyone does much of anything. He insistently says, "Dance Mommy Dance!" And what can I do, but obey? I'm cuttin it up to Raffi and (gasp) Walter Ostenak and I'm always surprised at how good I feel afterward - must learn to take more cues from him. But I do wish he'd take some cues from me on music taste!