Monday, 21 November 2011

glimpses of God

This year I wrote a Christmas play for our church called "Detectives of Divinity." I got the idea from a song written by Bryan Moyer Suderman. The chorus goes:

We are detectives of divinity,
we're looking all around
for signs of God's activity
wherever they are found.
God is up to something,
of that we can be sure.
So start the investigation!
The clues are everywhere.

It's a very fun song and it's been playing over and over at our house. I love this idea - that God is with us and active, and that there are little clues to be found everywhere. I gave the kids an assignment for the next month - to find these little clues and report back what they find.

So I've decided to do the same thing. Every Monday til the end of December (I think, but we'll see...) will be "glimpses of God" day on this here blog.

This past week, two people sent me photos of their glimpses of God. Here they are:

Photo credit: Sharon Bauman, St. Jacobs, Ontario
Isn't this leaf print incredible? I love seeing these on the sidewalks - such a sign of life, and a little bit mysterious looking too. A great clue.

Here's another:

Photo credit: Marcie Klassen, Vancouver, BC
I've tried photographing rainbows before, but it's tricky. Then add people + rainbow, and it's even trickier! It's so hard to capture all those colours. I love the light and dark in this photo. Can you see the excitement the boys are feeling?

If you're inclined to email me a photo of a glimpse of God, please do! I'd love to see the clues you're finding too. Start the investigation!


  1. Good morning Rebecca! I will keep my eyes and ears open today. love the idea of sharing glimpses of God and capturing these images on film.

  2. Wonderful, Shauna! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!