Wednesday, 30 November 2011

a henna miracle

I'm trying to retrain my brain to notice the small miracles around me. Instead of seeing things as weird coincidences, I want to see them as God's gifts - as small miracles. Because once you start looking, this magic really is everywhere. When you have eyes to see.

I want to tell you about a small miracle that happened in our household this past week.

Our Afghan foster daughter, Shegofa, has obtained her refugee status. The next step is for her to get her permanent resident card. This costs $550.

Shegofa does amazing henna designs, so we decided to host a henna party as a fundraiser for her PR card. Some family and friends came - from age 5 to age 70 - and everyone donated as little or as much as they wished. There was no set amount. It was a fun evening.
Photo credit: Open Shutters Photography
Photo credit: Open Shutters Photography

Another friend from church wanted to have a party too, so she hosted one less than a week later. Another fun evening.

At the end of the 2nd party, Shegofa counted up the total money. It was $555.00 altogether. That's weird, we thought. How did the total come so close to the needed amount, with even a little to spare?

We sent my friend a message and she replied, "Isn't God amazing!?" And my tears flowed.

Here we were, in the midst of a small miracle. A magical gift of providence.

None of the women knew how much others were giving or how much still needed to be raised. Enough had been provided - with $5.00 to spare.

I am humbled to experience this, and am grateful that my eyes were opened to see this as God's gift.

Thanks be to God.

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