Monday, 28 November 2011

glimpses of God

Thank you for the glimpses of God that you've sent my way this week. It's been fun to receive them and to hear descriptions of them too.

For each of the following Mondays in December, I'll be posting more photos. So think/look through your files and send one my way!

Here are the photos from this past week:

Photo credit: Mara Bertelsen, Mirabeau, France
Gorgeous! This makes me want to live in Provence. This is what Mara wrote about this photo:

"The poppies blanket Provence almost overnight every May. One day you're doing something mundane like driving to the grocery store, you turn a corner, and there are fields of red as far as the eye can see. Poppies are whimsical little flowers - they don't last long, but they are hardy in that they are considered a weed and grow where few other things will - out of old stone walls, on piles of rubbish - and take over fields left fallow. Of course, the striking beauty of the poppy fields always makes me think of how they must have contrasted with the horror of Flanders Fields. For me, they are a glimpse of God each spring, reminding me that while there may be strife in the world, the poppies still return faithfully each year."

Photo credit: Carol Penner, Vineland, Ontario
Isn't this beautiful - the wind, the thin curtains billowing, the sunset, the light? The wind is filling up these curtains, but also passing through. Carol says that this photo reminds her of feeling free. I love how this helps us to see the wind.

Photo credit: Wendy Janzen, Kitchener, Ontario
Wendy took this photo of a monarch butterfly that "hatched" from its chrysalis at their house. Her son named the monarch "Coyote" and the experience of seeing a caterpillar transform into a chrysalis and then a butterfly was a wonderful glimpse of God. She took this photo when the butterfly was still inside the glass jar that had mesh netting on top. Here's what Wendy wrote: "One thing I like about this is the blurry perspective the glas creates - my glimpses of God are rarely crystal clear!" Beautiful. Brings back memories of our own butterfly experiences.

Photo credit: Daniel Listijabudi, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Daniel took this photo of a "halo" around the sun. We called these rainbows "sun dogs" growing up, but I've never seen a full rainbow circle around the sun. Must have been amazing! I love the sunshine streaming in from the corner of this photo, and the light through the leaves.

Thank you!


  1. it seems you've found a rhythm here :) what a wonderful to start the week...

  2. At last for December! We'll see how it goes. It's been fun to receive others' glimpses. Do you have one from your part of the world, Michelle?

  3. i've been thinking of sending something your way...