Thursday, 13 October 2011


I'm still on the topic of the weekend fair. We enjoyed so much about that day, but the best part about going to the fair was that we found a baby turtle and named it Tortellini.

This baby painted turtle was adorable. I'd never seen one so small - about two inches in diameter. We found it on the gravel near the bleachers after the horse show. No water in sight, and lots of big feet everywhere.

Eden picked it up and cared for that little thing like her life depended on it. She carried it around - bringing it on the ferris wheel and carefully cradling it as she walked around the fair. She plopped it down beside her for the demolition derby.

The man at the reptile tent (yes! There was a reptile tent!) told us to bring it to some freshwater - a shallow creek or a pond - within the next week.

So the next day, Eden bravely released the turtle at my aunt and uncle's pond after our Thanksgiving meal. And could it ever swim! It was so wonderful to watch.

We a created a little movie last night to remember sweet little Tortellini (for short: Tort). Because releasing is hard, but the memory is sweet.

For short, Tort from Rebecca Seiling on Vimeo.


  1. Ok, call me crazy, but watching that little turtle swim and hearing little Eden say "good-bye" just made me cry!

  2. Okay - that is one of the most precious things I have every watched. Bec, you are going to love that for many, many years. God has blessed you my friend and I am so pleased for you.

  3. Thoroughly beautiful, Rebecca - have tears in my eyes too. Has me thinking of releasing our children - so hard to do and yet so fun to see them swim.

  4. Awesome. Good decision not to try and keep it. Turtles get BIG and need BIG homes, plus they can live for 30+ years.

    The video is awesome. Congrats on the directorial debut Eden :).

    Perhaps in a few years you can return to that pond and see some mini-Tortellinis again.

  5. what a beatiful little movie. thank you.

  6. loved the little movie - I am happy that I was lucky enough to be watching the real thing on Thanksgiving Day. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Yes - Tortellini is in good hands now, Linda!

  8. O! Thank you so much for sending us that link! The three of us just watched the movie, and now we're going to watch it again!! If only all movies could be so great!
    Love: Melissa, Randy, and little Georgina Marlena.

  9. oh thanks, guys! So great that Georgina is enjoying it too! :)

  10. Simply wonderful - Baby Turtle reminds me of Pebble - a tiny Painted Turtle Nika befriended. Thank you for sharing - joy!!!