Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I was so absorbed with the fair on Sunday, that I didn't take much time to pause and think about what I'm thankful for this year. So I'm doing it now. What a perfect, perfect Thanksgiving weekend it was: sunny, warm enough for shorts, and colourful leaves all around. I felt like the thankfulness was bubbling up inside of me all weekend, and now it's about to overflow:

* for colour, for another beautiful autumn.

* for family: for a stronger marriage, and 3 beautiful girls to share life with this year.

* for new experiences that stretch and form us - our latest: hosting a teenage daughter from Afghanistan.

* to live in a place where I don't fear for my life or my family's lives.

* for creative, fulfilling work.

* for a house, even if it's not my dream home. It's a home, which is more than many have.

* for time to think and read and worship and write.

* for friends.

* for inspiration from others.

* for more than enough: food, time, money, love.

* for the moving of the spirit that gives life.


  1. I've been so surrounded by sad news that just keeps coming and trying to figure out how to respond. Thanks for the Thanksgivings--pulling me out of my acorn-like brain and encouraging me to open myself to all the good things around me.

  2. This is a beauty of a photo. I even know where it was taken.

  3. Amy: I'm so sorry to hear about the sad news around you. I love how you say "acorn-like brain" - this was me for all of September this year.

    Linda: yes, you do! A beautiful spot on a gorgeous Thanksgiving day. A cherished memory.