Tuesday, 11 October 2011

the magic of a fall fair

Some friends tipped us off to a great little fall fair happening this past weekend: the Rockton World's Fair. I had this craving for an autumn small town fair. It had been years since I had been at one. We went on Sunday, and we were not disappointed. It was everything I'd hoped for and more:

healthy food like caramel apples,
gravy-smothered poutine,
and many deep-fried possibilities

a peaceful ride on the ferris wheel, a stunning view of the Niagara escarpment
complete with heavy metal music in the background
and, of course, a demolition derby
The afternoon was magic. Pure magic. At first, I scoffed at the idea of sitting through a demolition derby. But after the first round, I was hooked. The noise, the smell of gasoline - these almost faded into the background. I was rooting for the underdog - or sometimes just the one in second place. And things could turn in a second - the one you thought was a shoe-in would all of a sudden get hit, spin around, and be unable to move. We could NEVER predict who would come out on top. And I liked that. I also loved how all of the cars came out to start the race looking like this yellow one above: like crap. Wheels wobbly, tires on the front but not the back, bumpers barely hanging on, coughing, sputtering, ready for one more round of glory.


  1. Rebecca - I was also surprised at how much I enjoyed the demolition derby!!! It was an amazing afternoon. When Chip & Levi went on the ferris wheel as the sun was setting and the music was playing and all the lights were starting to come on, I had this tremendously emotional nostalgic moment - sensing that this might become one of those childhood memories in Levi's life that he looks back to with fondness... He also talked non-stop on the way home about the derby and wanting to be a demolition driver when he grows up.

  2. I went to my first demolition derby this summer and also loved it. They served deep-fried Oreos there.

  3. Wendy: I know what you mean about the nostalgia. That's what was calling to me this year to come back. And our kids just loved it! It was an afternoon of a lot of smiles and laughter and greasy food.

    Susan: deep-fried Oreos??? Oh my. I didn't get up the nerve to try anything on that sign above: deep-fried butter? deep-fried cheesecake? Wouldn't that just ruin a good cheesecake? Oh well. chacun son gout, right?