Tuesday, 4 October 2011

the call of autumn

In the changing season of autumn, I hear a call. Like the call of the Canada geese flying south. Wake up, they honk at me, listen, heed this call...

A call to newness. To set new goals, to try new things, to be made new.

A call to discern. To use my time in wise ways. Not to waste it and not to stuff it too full. Both can be mighty temptations.

A call to walk and to experience. To hear the crispy crunch of dried fallen leaves underfoot. To inhale the pungent smells of autumn. To taste apples and pumpkins and squash and kale and sweet potatoes and cinnamon and cloves and grapes and to be grateful for another year here. To see - to notice - the small changes in colour every day. Take note! Because soon they'll be gone. Sooner than I can imagine if I don't stop and look.

A call to rest. To harvest the dying plants of summer. To make the land ready for winter rest. To quiet my mind. Because busy is so easy, and rest so hard. To slow down. To savour.

This year, this is the call of fall.


  1. Words of wisdom! Especially your last few sentences.

    Now if we could only get our 35 Canada geese to head south from our pond!

  2. Maybe by this weekend you'll have some kids to chase them away, Linda!