Thursday, 19 September 2013

Eden writes: a letter to Stephen Harper

[Rebecca's note: Our Benin experience, though only one month long, continues to have a ripple effect on our daily lives here in Canada. Various things can trigger memories or our friends and experiences there, like driving past a factory the other night. This is what Eden wrote.]

Dear Stephen Harper,

I think that people shouldn’t have factories like that because they’re polluting the earth which means they’re polluting nature and God’s children. And if they would have factories then I wish they would keep the smoke inside the factory because when it’s outside, that’s just polluting the air and the animals that God made.

I also think of the orphanage that we saw in Benin and how much the children have and how much they should have. I don’t like it that a lot of people here have lots and they have so little. Why can’t we all have medium?

I also don’t like the money amount of what we have and what they don’t have. I don’t like how we have, let’s say, $100 000, and they only have, like, $5.

I also think of Shegofa and what she has been through in her life which makes me really sad because I don’t like all the hiding from war. I don’t even think we should have war. So I think I can do a little help just by giving a letter to the prime minister.

So that’s why tonight I’m going to pray the way Shegofa does when she prays at night and in the afternoon. I hope that when she goes back to her country she will have a good time there.



  1. Why can't we all have medium? I agree. Great letter!

  2. Eden, I thank God for your sensitive, caring heart. Your letter cracked my heart wide open and challenged me to bring justice and 'hesed' (ask your dad what that means) within my little corner of the world
    Grandma J

  3. Our sweet Eden,
    You have such kind words and wisdom beyond your years. I agree that there should be a medium. Thanks for writing this letter.