Friday, 25 November 2011

simple Christmas wishes

We've had many conversations about Christmas wishes over the past few days. And I'm actually quite pleased with how they've gone. I'm all about encouraging simple wishes.

Here's a little look-back at some letters to Santa. This one's from Zoe to Santa 3 years ago.
Dear Santa, I want 3 things. A Barbie doll, Polly Pocket,
and Webkinz. I hope you are having a great day. Love Zoe
Two years ago, Zoe asked for an iPod Touch. Eden asked for a candy cane. Eden's request was granted; Zoe's was not. Mean parents.
My wish
Last year, Eden asked for a candy cane. Again - successful.

So this year, both Zoe and Eden have both asked for a candy cane. Eden added, "And I would also like one of those oranges that you can stick a straw into and drink out of." I have only had this kind of orange in Florida, so I've suggested to Derek that we consider going to Florida to grant this wish. But that just might be asking a bit too much. What was I talking about again? Oh yes - simple wishes.

These are the notes that Eden has written over the past few days:
Eden's note #1: To Santa Claus, I want a candy cane.
Eden's note #2 from this morning (she thought she should be more polite to Santa):
To Santa Claus, Can I have a candy cane for Christmas?
Last year Eden wanted to see Santa in the mall. She hopped up on his lap and he asked, "What would you like for Christmas?"

Eden: "A candy cane."

Santa: "Oh, I think you want more than just a CANDY CANE. How about a new doll?"

Eden: (nodding her head)

Really, Santa? What's wrong with just a candy cane? I told Derek about this, and he said, "Well, he does work for the mall, after all." But still. I was annoyed that he'd encourage this "more is better" idea in a 4 year old who had a simple wish.

So here's my letter to Santa this year:

Dear Santa Claus: You can do better. Honour the simple wishes. Love, Rebecca.


  1. lovely sentiment...honor the simple wishes...

  2. This should make you smile... Nola is just starting to understand all this business about "Papa Noel". Before the big day, whenever she was asked what he was going to bring her this year, she would always answer: "un chocolat". She was, of course, blessed with many wonderful new toys, but just guess what was her favourite of all. Yup, that's right, "ma sucette!!" Her word for candy cane. She didn't let go of it all day and fell asleep that night with brown sticky peppermint goo on her little nose and fingers.

  3. I LOVE this, Mara! A wonderful wish come true. Happy New Year to all of your family, Mara!