Monday, 3 December 2012

treasured gifts

December 3rd: What gifts have you treasured this year?

This is an easy one: I got a home that feels like home. We lived in our previous house for more than 6 years, and it never felt like home. We've been here for less than 6 months, and I frequently find myself saying to myself, "I'm home." That is a good, good feeling and I feel blessed. I can now say, "Home is where the heart/h is." I'm settled, I'm home, and I feel it in a very deep part of me.

there's just something about old grates...
a peek at a corner
an apple bobbing party in the backyard
along with an adult-kid tug-of-war in the leaves
the hearth


  1. So beautiful - so you!

    1. Thanks Mara - good to hear from you! Can we host you in this house this coming summer? I'm thinking it's your Canada summer...

  2. Rebecca! So glad to hear from you. I will check in through Dec!!! Thanks for bringing focus to each day. Love the photo of your corner! I had such a great feeling just being in your home and celebrating fall at your house. Gifts...hmmm...I'm sure there will be so many once I set my mind to thinking about them....I will keep you posted :)

    1. Good to hear from you, Shauna! I want that kind of fall festival we hosted to be one of many... one of the reasons we loved this house was because it gave us more potential to host people - like you!