Monday, 10 December 2012

tidings of comfort and joy

Time to catch up after the weekend... questions for reflection for the last couple of days:

December 8: What brought you pain in the last year? 

December 9: Where did you find comfort during these painful times? If you could make a comfort bag for yourself, what would be in it?

In my comfort bag:

  • rice bag that gets heated in the microwave and says "cherish" on it. I put it around my shoulders and feel very comforted.
  • dark chocolate with sea salt
  • photos of loved ones
  • a letter from my grandma
  • a scrapbook of encouraging cards/notes I've received over the years
  • chai latte or other teas
  • a journal
In Derek's comfort bag: 
  • a big screen TV where he could watch professional sports
  • chips and popcorn
  • something written by Umberto Eco
  • a Bible
  • Madden football for xbox or Play Station
  • coffee or ginger ale or ale of some sort
  • Settlers or some other 3-hour long board game
  • baked brie with crackers
[Derek's comfort bag would need to be much larger than mine.]

I'm remembering last year, when I gave my parents and siblings gifts of comfort and joy. Here are the contents if you need a last minute idea. They were a lot of fun to make and put together. Here's what they looked like:

December 10: Advent week 2 is about joy. What brings you joy? How can you continue these joyful experiences in the new year? How can you use your list to bring joy to others?

JOY: Bollywood dancing, live theatre, making crafts with my daughters, thoughtful friends, a surprise note or gift, when people share their time with me and don't make me feel like they have something better to do or that they have to rush on to something else, finding a bargain at the thrift store, collaborating, an hour to read fiction on the weekend, visiting my parent's farm where I grew up, when people cook for me (I love any meal I don't have to make myself...maybe except some hot pot meats I ate while in China like sheep brains and cow's throat)


  1. Where pain, comfort and joy intermingled from 2012... a few of many.

    "May you always do for others,
    And let others do for you."
    - Joan Baez ("Forever Young" lyrics)

    ~ Visiting a geriatric hospital ward of four women on a regular basis over two months... One day I sang for the women, "You Are My Sunshine", and the one woman across the room, who suffered from Alzheimer's, piped up and sang along with the beautiful descant harmony, word for word! We kept singing a few more songs that afternoon!

    ~ Funeral services held in our church... congregational singing!

    ~ Recovering from surgery in the hospital... the nurse who washed my feet with warm, soapy water! Bless her dear heart!!!

    M. :-)

    1. Beautiful, M. Love the Joan Baez quote and your "you are my sunshine" memory - how precious.

  2. Continuing on the theme of pain, comfort and joy intermingling:
    what stands out for me is the gift that was given to my sister-in-law and me - serving our father-in-law communion on Easter Sunday, his last worship service on earth; he died in a lovely hospice setting 2 weeks later.


    1. Wow - very powerful, Sue. How meaningful - a great memory to keep with you.