Monday, 30 January 2012

what I didn't have time for

As a writing deadline approaches (9:00 am Jan. 30), I start to get antsy and protective of my time. I think I don't have time for some things. Because I'm notorious for under-guessing how long something will take me.

Yesterday afternoon, as I thought about all I had yet to do, here's what I didn't have time for:

Hopping on the wagon,
chains on wheels,
skates on feet,
dog on laps,
snow on tongues
for the trek back to the swamp in the gravel pit.

Metal blades on light snow,
the air fresh
the water frozen under our feet,
bumpy ripples from last week's rain

I remember this feeling.
the magic of walking on water
wondering what's underneath
when will I fall through (and I did)
and the wet walk home
and of course the hot chocolate
and crackling fire

the pirouettes
figure eights
sudden stops
the falls

snow falling softly
no line where land meets sky

the scrape of plastic, clearing a path
the rhythmic song of metal to ice
swish, swish, swish,

weaving between bullrushes
blades on ice
falling down
like snow
this dance
this ballet of learning to skate
accepting each fall

peek at my watch
we must go
yet this --
this is not wasted time
to stand beneath winter sky
on frozen pond
and delight


  1. Rebecca, the poet in me finds joy and contentment in your ending thought:"this is not wasted time to stand beneath winter sky on frozen pond and delight"; for in reality this IS (these moments) oxygen for our whole being, head to toe and all points in between! And as an advocate myself for the beauty of Winter, your words remind us "to be" with the seasons as they have been gifted to us. ~ Happy trails (and winter skies and frozen ponds) to you and yours! ~Mush :-)

    1. I agree, Mush - oxygen to our whole beings. Good way of putting it. Happy trails to you too! :)

  2. Yes! Beautiful moments borrowed, chosen and cherished! Love it.

  3. Beautiful stuff; and I also love Mush's reminder "to be with the seasons as they have been gifted to us". I'll have to remind the folks here in Provence about that as they stare in disbelief at the 10 cm of snow and -12 °C weather :-)

    1. How weird - that weather you're having, and the weather we're having! Let's trade!