Monday, 18 July 2011

the up side of down

The up side of having a smoke fire in your kitchen is that you get to have someone else (actually, a whole team of people) clean your kitchen. These cleaning fairies (apparently cigarette-smoking fairies, from the evidence on our driveway) made our kitchen look brand new. I even love to do dishes in it right now - that's how much I love it.

I wouldn't advise having a smoke fire as a method of cleaning or de-cluttering your home, but that's what it's done for me. This smoke cloud's silver lining is that some wonderful cleaners (thank goodness for house insurance) came while we were gone to the cottage and thoroughly wiped down and cleaned our kitchen and main floor bathroom - every nook and cranny. I'm still finding marvelously clean areas, and it delights me each time I do.

The ceiling fan? There really was a fan under all that dust.

The kitchen and bathroom sinks? Gleaming.

The stove drawer where I was avoiding some mouse poo for an embarrassingly long time? Spotless. (I know, disgusting.)

The kitchen floor is just beaming. It makes me not want to really live in this space - it's so clean. More clean than I ever thought possible.

Every drawer and cupboard is a surprise - because of the cleanliness, but also because everything is all over the place. It will take me awhile to figure out where everything is, and where it's supposed to go. But some things are in new locations that actually might be better than their previous homes. And some of the stuff I think "why do I still have this?" so it's an opportunity to toss and make more room. And I'm a bit embarrassed to think of other people going through some of this stuff - treasures once upon a time - and that makes me want to toss stuff too. I keep thinking that it really must have been satisfying for them to clean the kitchen - they would have seen such progress from their work.

And as 3 machines continue to work to churn positive ions into our air, I'll continue on my purging journey to banish the bothersome, clutterful stuff from our kitchen. One room at a time. I think I can, I think I can...


  1. Oh Bec! You inspire me to clean my filthy house. I know all about mouse poo and dusty ceiling fans. I keep waiting for those cleaning fairies but they never show up in my house - just the dust bunnies!

  2. Dust bunnies sound just as cute as cleaning fairies, but you're right, Lisa - the bunnies frequent the house way more than the fairies.

  3. Who would have thought that a smoke cloud could have had such a silver lining!

  4. It must have been your prayers, Carol. :)

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