Thursday, 28 July 2011

giant bubbles

If you've never tried these giant bubbles, you just MUST before the summer's out. They are mesmerizing and so much fun.

My mom made a big batch of the solution for a family reunion, but you can make it in small batches too.

Magic Bubble Solution

Small recipe:

1/2 cup Dawn dish soap
2 1/2 cups water
1 T glycerin (you can find this at a drug store)
1 1/2 t sugar

Place all the ingredients into a container. Stir well. 

Crowd recipe:

4 cups dish soap
20 cups water
1/2 cup glycerin
1/4 cup sugar

Put it in a pail and stir well.

You can get the giant wands - the plastic version - at some toy stores. You can also make your own.

Giant Bubble Wands

  • 3/8" dowel
  • 2 washers, approx. 2" diameter
  • 4 feet of cording that has a bit of a weave to it (to absorb more bubble solution)
  • duct tape 
1. After cutting your cording, measure down about 12 inches and make a loop. Put the loop through one washer, bend the loop back over the ring, then pull both ends of the cording through the loop so it's snug.

2. Slide this washer onto the dowel.

3. Put the second washer onto the long end of the cording.

4. Bring both ends of yarn together and line them up with the end of the dowel. Use a piece of duct tape to secure these ends onto the dowel. Feel free to use several pieces to make a bulky end so that the washer on the dowel doesn't easily slide off.

Then dip the wand into the solution. Lift the wand. When you lean it back, the ring will slide towards you. This will make a V-shaped loop of yarn. Slowly move your arm to create a giant bubble. To close the bubble off, slide the washer that is on the dowel towards the duct tape end. Or try to make the longest bubble you can before it breaks (or someone breaks it). Have fun!

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