Wednesday, 20 July 2011

something from nothing

It wasn't exactly nothing - it was two 25¢ pillowcases. And pillowcase dresses are definitely not my original idea. But fun and quick. Much more fun than anything on my "to do" list for the week. Sewing and creating something from nothing feels so much more productive than the chores that so quickly become undone.

They've worn them for 2 days straight now, in this 30+ degree summer heat. Perfect for both daytime galavanting and nighttime sleeping. What could be better?

See -- I am making all things new. (Revelation 21:5)

note the dead grass underfoot that needs to be made new

2 little monkeys wearing pillowcases
I love it when the old can become new again. I loved seeing my grandma, mom, and aunts do this. Crafting vintage fabrics into new quilts. Old woolen garments into new rugs. And seeing ingenuity in places where people use what they have to make something new. Pop cans into toys. Plastic bags into sleeping mats or homemade soccer balls.

See, I am making all things new! 

This text from the book of Revelation was one of the themes at the Mennonite Church Canada Kids' Assembly where I volunteered 2 weeks ago. We had a great time dreaming of a new world filled with joy and thousands of kindnesses, and devoid of sorrow. It's so refreshing to hear kids' perspectives about the way the world should or could be. They just seem to make sense.

One kid's dream was of a world where bombs were made of bubblegum. Another wanted everyone to be able to smell fresh flowers. Someone else wanted the rich people to feed the poor and give them a place to sleep at night. Where heaven and earth will meet.

See! I am making all things new.

"Heaven is born on earth in a thousand invisible kindnesses offered every day." 
- Wayne Muller

Today I'm grateful for this new day. Even though it's stinking hot outside.

What something will become of this (so far) nothing day?


  1. I LOVE it!!
    How fun is that - to use something you already had in the piles for something so simple and beautiful to be used.
    I showed Alice - and now she wants me to make her one too. (something I would much rather do than work on my course or clean the house!)
    You always have such amazing ideas, Rebecca.

  2. Love Rebecca! Megan's staple apparel these days. And finding a bible verse and children's dreams to link to this creative endeavour! Oh, how connected. Today's mantra "See, I am making all things new!"

    PS - my one word --leaning towards, being drawn towards the word courage. Courage to speak my heart, to be imperfect, to risk, to act out of love rather than fear, to step on a plane and fly to Europe for a month with two young children (yikes!).

  3. When I first saw dresses like these on line a year or two ago, I wished I had a daughter to make one for. Now I wish there were big enough pillow cases out there to make one for myself!

  4. wow. those are so neat! now i just need to actually get my sewing machine fixed (something i've been meaning to do for a year!) and wait for miriam to get big enough to wear a pillow case!

  5. Rachel: I can't wait to see Alice's! Maybe they can wear them to school in the fall!

    Shauna: You were my inspiration here! I've had these 2 pillowcases waiting to be made into dresses for a long, long while. Just needed the perfect afternoon. I love that word: courage. A good one for all of life, let alone traveling the world with 2 little ones. You'll have a blast! I'm so glad (and jealous!) that you're doing it!

    Wendy: 3 words - pillow case skirt. That's next on my list - loads of fun patterns online for them too.

    Kristen: i know how that is. I bought myself a new (to me) sewing machine in the winter and I'm only now starting to get at some of the projects I've left for so long. If you're like me, now's a great time to shop for some vintage pillow cases for Miriam - maybe even for next summer! I'm in the habit of letting things sit for a good 2 years or so before I get to them. But I've told myself that I'll do one sewing project per year. Then if I do more, I'm infinitely pleased with myself!

  6. THese are wonderful whimsical pictures of the girls! You are an inspiration as you seize the moment and find the best in the midst of what could be times of complaining!

  7. Lisa - oh there's complaining. See today's post about worrying. It's just not about the weather!