Monday, 25 July 2011


I marveled at the persistence of this little finch. For about 1/2 hour, it worked at getting a string off a hook on our back porch. 

I can be persistent like the best of them - just ask my family. And there are times when my persistence pays off. 

Sometimes I have been stupidly persistent. Like when I tried to waterski, pulled a leg muscle, and kept trying for 7 more times that day and 7 more times the next day. Just dumb and stubborn, and resulted in a pulled leg muscle that lasted for a good 7 months afterward. And then when I tried the next summer. And the next. 
pep talk with my encouraging sister-in-law
who makes waterskiing look like a piece of cake
I'm all for "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Or "if you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you are right." When I was a teacher, these are the quotes of the day that I had displayed on the blackboard each morning. Inspirational little quotes meant to encourage and teach the value of persistence. 

Here was my inspirational quote while I tried to get up on those waterskis: "If my parents can do it, I can do it." But even that didn't work for me. 

But sometimes I think I just need to admit it: I'm not destined to be a championship waterskier. Or any type of waterskier. 

Maybe one day this finch will finally snatch this wonderfully long white string to build the best nest ever. And perhaps one year I'll persist again, and miraculously and effortlessly sail across the top of the water on skis. It's good to have dreams, right?

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