Tuesday, 31 May 2011

rhubarb bubble tea and other spring flings

We made this rhubarb soda recipe with a little twist: we added tapioca, took away some of the sugar, and added a bit of maple syrup. Bubble tea with tapioca is a treat for all members of our family. We love how the tapioca comes shooting up the huge straws.

So this was a perfect spring time beverage. Sugar + spring + tapioca. Genius, eh?

I've never declared a season to be my favourite, but this year I'll have to say that I'm just LOVING spring. And it may just be my favourite season. I'm noticing all of the little changes - through photos and through my daughters. And I'm grateful.

But like my daughters' growth, I want to freeze spring - the baby bunnies, the just-new plants, the fragrant blossoms on trees, the first flowers. But it's all just tumbling out now, racing into summer.

Each day I'm trying to do something to slow spring down. To eat outside (when it's not raining). To walk. To notice the swirly snail-trails on the sidewalk. To watch a bird carry a worm to its nest. To hold wriggling worms in garden gloves. To take a photo. To touch the feathery flower petals. To close my eyes and inhale lily-of-the-valley or lilac or apple blossoms again and again and again. 

gathering dandelions


sweet magnolias

robin after the rain

a nest of baby bunnies in my sister's backyard
could anything be cuter?


  1. Rebecca, I'd love your recipe for bubble tea -- we love bubble tea, but have never made it ourselves. Where did you get the straws?

  2. We just made it for the first time a couple of weeks ago. We bought mango bubble tea crystals, the tapioca, and the straws at the Asian grocery store on King St in Kitchener. I'd love to go with you sometime - I love that store! It's humongous, and I have no idea what 80% of the stuff in the store is.

    For the crystals, you put 2-3 T in a glass, put 50 ml hot water in to dissolve the crystals, then put 150 ml cold water/crushed ice in the glass. OR you could just use a favourite juice or juice-y smoothie, or rhubarb soda!

    For the tapioca pearls: put tapioca in boiling water and stir. When water is boiling again, turn heat to medium. Cook for 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. Turn off heat and put on pot lid. Keep the tapioca in boiled water, covered, for another 30 minutes. Rinse the tapioca 2-3 times in cold water. Drain, then add brown sugar or honey (500ml tapioca: 100ml sugar) and stir well. [I didn't add sugar or honey last time, and it tasted just fine]

    I learned this the hard way: don't make the tapioca too far ahead of time. I made it a day ahead and put it in the fridge. Apparently, this is a no-no. It hardens up a bit, and they're not the nice chewy texture they're supposed to be. Guess it's supposed to be a make it, then eat/drink it kind of thing.

  3. I will take that deep breath with you. The bunnies are really growing up fast! Out to pick some lilac's and lilly of the valley. Enjoying the extended hours of light. Good night!

  4. I've always been a bit of an autumn person myself ;), but I also do love spring. Things I try to absorb as much as possible - the scent of our cherry blossom tree when it blooms (glorious!!), the anticipation of planting all our cheery little flowers in the garden that I just added mulch and peat moss to - it is soooo soft and ready and I can't WAIT to dig in! Love watching the girls climbing on and off their bikes, always off on an imaginary adventure somewhere. Love watching the breeze fluff Lexi's hair, which always reminds me of a little just-hatched chick so fuzzy and cute! That feeling of finally-warm sunshine, hoping for the rain rain rain to pass. Our tulips were a mass of color this year. Hoping to plant some hyacinths to add hue and texture to next spring. Wandering through the green house, Mikayla begging for anything pink, me telling her to shush just a little so I could concentrate ;). Fresh baths after an outing to the park. Being outside without bugs. Yet. Picking up a bistro set for $30 - can't wait to make a pot of coffee to share with a friend while we watch our little ones play. Freshly painted toe nails. Gardening without being 8.5 months pregnant (though I did enjoy being pregnant too - just made gardening a bit awkward!!).

    Thank you, Rebecca, for helping me pause and take note of just a few of the things I love about this season. I just might become a spring person too!!

    The recipe looks like so much fun! Way to go for being adventurous!!

  5. I always have a hard time picking my favourite season, but spring is definitely special. The air smells different and everything is do fresh and bright.

    BTW, I love the bunny photo!


  6. My sister gets the credit for that photo! The bunnies were so sweet. And they squeaked! I'd never heard a bunny make a noise before that.

  7. I love watching the baby bunnies play in my front yard on June mornings. It's actually made me late for work before! Mind you, last year we had a very natural spring-time scene play out in the front yard as some crows discovered the rabbit nest in our front garden and did what crows do with that. The bunnies have outsmarted them this year and moved.

    Our cardinals are quite excited about spring right now, too - beautiful serenades...

  8. Oh Beth! Quite a circle of life bunny/crow story. My daughters would have been horrified!