Friday, 13 May 2011

lessons from France

It's been exactly one year since we boarded a plane to return home from our sabbatical in France - on May 13, 2010. Even though we spent 4 short months there, several big life lessons (and some not-so-big) have continued to challenge us since our return. Here's my list of lessons from this time:

1. Nice boots and scarves can spruce up any outfit.
2. Hot drinks are best consumed from real mugs while sitting and visiting with others.
3. Seize the day! We love day trips where we've learned a bit about the area, and want to learn more about our local history in Canada.
on a Swiss day trip to the Chateau de Chillon
on an Ontario day trip to Crawford Lake
(we LOVE this place!)
4. Did your Mom ever say, "It's not a fashion show"? Well, in some parts of this world, it definitely is.
5. It is a very, very good feeling to be warmly welcomed to a new area.
6. We like the Canadian education system.
7. Long, relaxed meals are a wonderful thing. So is cheese for dessert.
cheese dessert plate
8. It's perfectly OK to stumble around in a language that's not your mother tongue.
9. It is good to slow down and rest.
10. Time away from internet and TV can be very productive.
11. Public transportation is a very good thing, especially when it is reliable, efficient, and Swiss.
playing on the dinosaur slide on
a Swiss train
12. Meeting more than once a week with a faith community/friends is a good thing.
13. It's refreshing to not be able to go Sunday shopping.
14. It is definitely worth it to buy quality chocolate and cheese.

sampling chocolates at the
Cailler chocolate factory
And you? Any life lessons you'd like to add to the list?


  1. My third attempt to post (the fault is all mine).
    So the abbreviated version;
    - Rebecca you are wise and your blog is full of very interesting stuff.
    - and my most valuable life lesson; teething is an event of great mystery and power surpassed perhaps only by voodoo ceremonies

  2. Teething and voodoo... hmmm. Interesting comparison. Are you experienced in both? Have there been some altered states of consciousness in your household as a result of teething?

  3. No experience with Voodoo but whenever I see a ceremony on TV it seems very powerful and mysterious.

    Just like teething.

    Does Cal (my 2 yr old) have a fever? Yes, but it might be due to teething. Why did Cal just vomit, is he sick? Maybe, but it might just be teething. Why is Cal not napping and acting very irritable? Well, his molars about about to come in so you know what. Diarrhea? Teeth (maybe).