Wednesday, 27 April 2011

jump in!

I wondered whether to walk to school today. I had the car, so it would have been easy not to walk. It was raining a tiny bit, and I thought "it's just water" and headed out the door.

I turned back once before getting my daughter #2 at school #1. It had started to rain harder. But after a few paces, I thought "it's just water" and kept on going. It felt good to be out. The air was warm, the rain was cool. After getting Eden, we decided to carry on to get daugher #1 at school #2.

On the way, it started raining harder. With my "it's just water" philosophy, I kept on. When we were about 5 minutes from that school, it started pouring. I turned toward home. I knew I had just enough time to walk/run home, get the car, and pick up daughter #1.

Daughter #2: Mom, it's fine! Let's just keep going.
Me: (turning toward school) Oh, all right.

A minute later, torrential downpour. Howling wet winds needled my face like hail. I couldn't see out of one eye for a minute - the rain came down on an angle, into one eye, and dislodged one of my contacts. I ran all the way to school and we waited by the front door. I was laughing.

My jeans were beyond soaked, and my shoes too. Daughter #2 was curled up in a little ball, protected inside our bike stroller/carriage, a little shaken.

Daughter #2: Mom, I'm sorry. We should've gone home. Can we call the car to come here and get us?
Me: (still laughing) No. We're fine, and it was actually fun. It was an EXPERIENCE!

It rained most of the way home. And now, minutes later - the SUN! And you wouldn't believe my sense of accomplishment and relief when I saw our house. Like getting to the end of a long portage and seeing the lake. Getting into dry jeans was a glorious experience as well.

And it made me think of how many times I opt out of things - when I don't jump in - because I think I don't feel like it. Like skipping every evening after supper. My daughters are really into skipping right now, and want Derek and I to turn the rope for them. Often I don't feel like doing this after supper. But what to do instead? Dishes? Laundry? Read? More work?

When I jump in and skip, turn the rope for these giggling girls, I never regret it. Their joy is contagious. 

I'll take the soaked pants, the sopping hair, and the puddles in my shoes for the exhileration and thanksgiving I felt just to be alive today to see this glorious rain.

And now this beautiful sun. And I just heard on the radio that there were "gusts of wind in Kitchener-Waterloo up to 110 km/hr and risk of isolated tornadoes." Whew! No wonder I felt alive!

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