Wednesday, 13 April 2011

a full heart

I'm thinking today about all of those times when I had a full heart. When my heart felt like it was full to overflowing, beaming and expanding with love.

Here are some of them:

Me with my babies - a photo of me, my 3 siblings, my husband, and my 2 daughters. How lucky I am to have held all of these babies in my arms and heart. I think that holding my siblings and children as babies makes me see them differently as they grow up. My heart beams with pride when I see them expanding and growing and trying new things.

I want to carry this full heart with me on days when my buttons are pushed more often than usual (by those daughters of mine :). I want to remember that unconditional love, excitement, and joy I felt at holding their little baby bodies. Those moments are all too fleeting. But I want to treasure them up, have them at the front of my memory files, and use them as the lens through which I see them right now.

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