Friday, 24 May 2013

Eden writes: Rome and Benin so far

We went to see so many places in Rome. We went to five churches in Rome. We also went to the Colosseum. The Colosseum is a place where a long, long time ago where people used to fight there instead of in movies. They fought bears and lions and tigers and hippos. We also went to St. Peter's church and saw some statues. We saw La Pieta in St. Peter's by Michelangelo. We also saw the Pantheon which is also a church. We went out for gelato and it was so yummy, especially on a hot day.

My dad told us that on the right side of the Trevi fountain there is a calm horse with someone holding him tight. And on the left side of the Trevi fountain there is an energetic horse. It represents the energetic waters and the calm waters. We went to a whole bunch of restaurants too. There was the Piazza Navona very close to our apartment. Italy is famous for gelato, pasta, pizza, pesto.

Zoe and I at the Trevi Fountain
We also saw the Roman baths. My dad told us which was the hot pool and which was the cold pool a long time ago. There were some really pretty mosaic stones and Mom and Dad both said that the Roman baths used to be all covered with mosaic stones.
mosaic tiles
The Sistine Chapel was made by Michelangelo. He was on a structure kind of thing to paint the ceiling. There was plaster and he had to paint before it dried and it was really hard for poor Michelangelo. We had little kind of phone things and we got to find things in the Vatican Museum and it told us about the artwork. There was an Egyptian part and there was a mummy from a long time ago. She was actually real. She looked REALLY old and some parts of her were broken because she was so old.

La Pieta. It was sad. 
The mummy. It was freaky.
There was a bidet in the bathroom in our apartment. What is a bidet? It's something where you wash your bum.

Now we're in Benin. We found a new friend named Dorea. She is 11 1/2 years old. We went to two schools. We also saw the library at Benin Bible Institute which has a lot of books. We're at BBI right now, not at La Casa Grande yet.

My favourite food here is the fish. My dad has his own bedroom, but me, Zoe and my mom sleep together in a different bedroom. We got bananas, mangoes, and even pineapples in BBI. It is so so so so hot. The power was out last evening, and from 5:00 this morning. We had just gone to bed when the power came back on. We were so excited so we started writing on the computer!

There are so many motorcycles. There even taxi motorcycles!
Taxi motorcycle drivers wear yellow shirts.
I take a bath in a garbage can that's filled up with water! I use a little orange kind of bowl to splash water on me. You dry your clothes on the roof sometimes.

This is the bathtub.
People called us "yo-vo" at the first school. Yovo means white person. There are a whole bunch of people with dark skin and not many at all with light skin. It's really different from Canada.

Bye! Love, Eden.


  1. Hello Eden and Zoe, Rebecca and Derek:
    SOOOOO GOOD to know you have arrived in Benin!

    I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed all the blogging! Zoe and Eden you have given WONDERFUL glimpses into your NEW experiences and the PHOTOS tell their own amazing wordless stories.

    Eden, I counted four "so's" for the hotness levels in Benin! I'll confess to NOT being envious of that heat and humidity! And while you think that there are cute boys in Rome, I think I saw some very cute boys in the Benin photos too (smile)!

    It is so cold here at home today, there were sightings of snowflakes this morning enroute to work, and we expect frost tonight!

    Keep well to your family, and those with whom you will meet and walk with in these weeks ahead.

    - Marcia (and Larry too) :-)

  2. Hello Eden!
    You have learned and seen so much in the past week that you have been travelling with your family! Thank you for blogging! I am learning so much from you. I did not know that there were taxi motor cycles and that the drivers wore yellow shirts. Very neat. I liked the picture of you in your "bath tub". I am so curious about how people do everyday things where you live. Do you have hot water? How do you cook your food? Do you, Zoe and your mom all sleep in the same bed? I think it would be very cosy to share a room together.

    We were at the Mennonite Relife Sale tonight in New Hamburg. It was so chilly that I had to wear a winter scarf and coat. Megan and I even saw snow flakes falling from the sky on our way to school this morning. Crazy weather for May!

    Thank you for writing and posting photos of your trip! I will read your writing to Megan and Erik tomorrow morning when they wake up.

    Looking forward to reading more about your adventures soon.

    Take Care,
    Shauna :)

  3. Thank you for writing all of that Eden! My favorite part was the bath tub!

    We were at the relief sale this morning and had some yummy pork on a bun, and we have a strawberry pie for supper tonight. Sarah Miller from church is coming over for pizza. Do you know her?

    Hope you guys have a great time at La Cassa Grande! What is it like being around so many people speaking French?

  4. Hi Eden, It sounds like you guys are having a really interesting time. AND, I think you must be staying in the same room I stayed in when I visited BBI. That's because I recognize your bathtub!!

    Blessings and greetings to the rest of your family,

    Beth Metzger

  5. Hey Eden,

    I loved reading about your experience in Rome and so far in Benin. It sounded just like you telling me the story. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to hear more from you.

    love, Bethany