Monday, 25 March 2013

dirty feet?

See my post from today about the ritual of footwashing over here at the Practicing Families website. I wanted my girls to help with a photo shoot this past weekend, and I thought it would be just that: taking pictures of feet in a basin. But they got so into it, that I just had to tell the story of Jesus being a servant to his followers.

Then one thing led to another, and my daughters were saying, "Will you let me serve you?" to each other, and actually meaning it. That's when I got a few tears in my eyes. They giggled because of tickly feet, and at the end said, "That was so awesome! When can we do it again?"

One daughter felt like the next morning was as good a time as any. She filled up the basin again, and a visiting 2-year old cousin got her whole body in the basin - she felt like just feet were not enough.

This idea of servant, upside-down leadership never gets too old for me.

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  1. Thanks for such thoughtful reflections, Rebecca:

    I was in my mid-30s when I mustered up the nerve to participate in footwashing. I've done it most times ever since. At that time I sat in a library room having a woman drizzle warm water over my bare feet, and at that very moment I looked out the window and the neighbours were collecting their empty garbage cans from the curbside. It was a quiet moment of "aha" that I had simply chosen a different path that Good Friday morning. One year I participated in the handwashing option because of back problems I was experiencing. In the mixed circle I washed the hands of a very senior woman. After church she told me she is so glad the pastors have offered this option. "I did footwashing all my life - it meant so much to me, but I can't bend down anymore (and get up again). Now I can participate again!" (I could relate, although almost half her age!) She was so happy, and she still goes up I notice. ~M.