Thursday, 29 December 2011

my top 5 things to do on New Year's Eve

One of my least favourite nights of the year is New Year's Eve. There's just so much pressure to do something fun and exciting and memorable. Who wants to answer the question, "How did YOU bring in the New Year?" with "by sleeping"? But that's what I feel like doing. Just lowering my expectations and having a low intensity evening.

I think that my favourite New Year's Eve was when I was in university and my cousin was home from Vancouver. We had been invited to a few parties, so we went around to all of them that evening, taking photos of ourselves looking bored at each one. It was a blast.

This year, we're looking forward to hanging out with some friends (who also have kids) and returning home around 10:00. So we still have 2 hours to cover before the big minute of exactly midnight. I've come up with some ideas to fill those 2 hours and bring in the new year.

1. sleep. Ah sleep, how do I love thee? There's no way I'd go back to my high school days of staying up all night and then sleeping all day on January 1st. That just sounds like a little taste of hell nowadays.

2. turn off the lights and have a candlelit bath. Read a book in bed.

3. get take-out sushi or dim sum. Have a (quiet) salsa dance in the living room.

4. make a list of 2012 things I'm thankful for.

5. throw out all my ratty towels and underwear.

How are you bringing in 2012?


  1. This makes me laugh! New Years Eve is also my least favourite night of the you said, the pressure to do something fun and usually the night ends up being a disappointment :) This year, my husband and I are taking our kids up to his parents' farm, making them BBQ'd ribs for supper, and most likely playing Scrabble once the kids are in bed. I think this will be my best New Years yet!

  2. Yes - so much hype!
    We are going to go skating in uptown waterloo with another family, where they have a 9:00 countdown - and be home by 9:30! ;-)
    Then - I am planning on playing chinese checkers with Paul over a nice bottle of red. That throwing out the tatty towels and underwear sounds mighty tempting though!!
    Happy New Year to you and your fam, Rebecca!

  3. Same here!
    Last year we "pretended" it was midnight at ten, had the countdown with the kids, blew the horns, banged the pots and pans, shot the colourful little styrofoam balls around the room with pea shooters (tradition in France), and then hit the sack. It was great.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. More great ideas... thanks Kristen, Rachel, Mara! Happy New Year to you!

  5. I was in bed by 10pm after watching Bourne on TV at the cottage. So much more fun to play when there is daylight in these short winter days!

  6. I love it, Cam! Surprisingly, we stayed up til 2am watching The Lord of the Rings. And then slept in the next morning.

  7. There's always next year, Carrie.