Tuesday, 20 December 2011

simple gifts

If you're still scrambling for gifts (perish the thought!), I heard a little rhyme from a friend of mine that I want to pass on. For me, this rhyme helps to simplify gift-giving, and will help to guide me in future years for my kids' gifts (even the ones that just fit in the stockings).

Something you want,
Something you need,
Something to wear,
and something to read.

There! That's it. Brilliant, eh?

Wishing you a week of simple gifting...


  1. That is a great poem! In my more simplistic years I had the motto, 'Eat it or read it.' Yep, the gift had to be a homemade treat or a book, poem, etc. Alas, with kids, I'm not there. Fun, nonetheless!

  2. Hey Rebecca, On Sunday when you shared this with me I thought it was so great! (and it is!)

    Ryan and I were talking and thought it would be cool if you changed something to "wear" to "share"...like choosing an MCC Christmas Giving project or something?

  3. I mean that we might do that with Isaac someday...we like it!

  4. I love that change, Lori! Wear to share. It's easy to fit a "wear" kind of present into the "need" category - new socks, underwear, etc.

    CeCe: I love that "eat it or read it" motto too.

  5. Rebecca, I have been saying this over in my head since you mentioned it to me on Sunday. May be next year. On the kitchen table are a pair of new PJ's for each of the kids. Starting a new tradition of giving PJ's on the first day of Winter. Just so happens that it is pajama day at school tomorrow too. Keep it simple. :) Cheers