Friday, 30 November 2012

Advent calendar ideas

If you're like me, you woke up this morning shocked that it was the last day of November.

What does this mean, you ask? Advent calendars go up TOMORROW!

I always like to have an Advent calendar in December. I shy away from the chocolate-y ones, and have opted for one that I can put a little message in every day. We've indulged in Playmobil ones in the past, but I don't see a great need for more Advent playmobil sets here.

Here's a post I did last year with a variety of ideas for Advent calendars - made of paper, socks, fabric.

And this my idea for this year: a photo memory Advent calendar. This calendar made me think of printing off photos of Christmases past and putting one up every day. I'm going to try to post them in a shape like this as the month goes on. We'll see what it ends up looking like!

I think it will be fun to relive memories of Christmases past, as well as look ahead to our Christmas celebrations this year.

Off I go to print off photos! And it's even snowing. Perfect.

A little update (Dec. 2): my youngest was less than impressed with this photo Advent calendar idea, but I'm sticking with it. I think that by day 25 it will look wonderful and bring back lots of memories. She hauled out the calendar I made last year with one little instruction/idea on it every day. That made me a bit nervous, because experience has taught me that while it's fun to create calendars like that, it's hard to follow through. Like when it says make Christmas cookies on a day when you don't have any of the ingredients around. So, I proposed a reverse kind of Advent calendar for Eden this year. Every day, we will write something down AT THE END OF THE DAY that we did to prepare for Christmas. December 1st: bought a Christmas tree. Success! We'll see what we write at the end of today...

Another update (Dec. 26): I think this was my favourite Advent calendar ever. The girls really liked seeing photos of Christmases past. 

Here's the evidence:

Here's another Advent calendar idea I'd love to do with our Hallowe'en candy next year. Brilliant!


  1. Thank you for reminding me it's tomorrow! I keep thinking about the beginning of advent and wondering if I'll remember to get out the advent calendars I bought - yes, the chocolate variety :) I do love all of your ideas from your last post and this one. I think I will do the sock idea next year!

    1. Enjoy the chocolates, Kristen! Yes - some year I want to do the sock one too. I even have a pile of socks that I moved with us to our new house this year, just waiting for a project like this.

  2. Rebecca, I love the photo advent calendar idea. I think I'll do that for the girls next year. What I started doing for advent when the girls were older and not living at home was get a gift that would build their collection of Christmas/advent music, books, movies. This year I bought Heather and Nic a favourite CD of Heather's called "Remembering Christmas" that we had in cassette form and I found it in CD form online. Tamara got some new piano music.

    Sue S.
    Christmas music.

    1. I love those gift ideas, Sue - and to give them before Advent is a great idea too.