Friday, 17 June 2011

if you can dream it...

I like to think of myself as a Walt-Disney-If-you-can-dream-it-you-can-do-it kind of girl. But there are times when some dreams need adjustment.

Take, for instance, my dream of having a pool in the backyard. The pool instructions said that the yard must be ABSOLUTELY flat. My husband frowned, his skepticism a match for my optimistic belief that this pool could work in our obviously sloped backyard. I thought that the instructions were more of a guideline, and was sure we could work around it. Here was our first idea:
a nice layer of cardboard boxes to prop up one end.
brilliant, eh?
patient husband by lovely round pool
We used a bike pump to blow up the upper ring of the pool. This took a good half hour in 30 degree weather. I kept telling myself what great exercise I was getting and how glorious it was going to feel to crawl into that pool later on and how happy my kids would be and what a wonderful parent I was for allowing my family this small pleasure.

Then we started to put water in the pool, and it was absolutely clear that you absolutely need an absolutely level place to set up this particular pool. We had other ideas of how it could work (my husband still frowning still skeptical): get a pickup truck full of sand, bring it back to our backyard one wheelbarrow after another until we've created a level place, then something about adding some 2 by 4s and plywood. That all seemed like way too much work, and I know that I wouldn't want to deal with that pile of sand come September.

Was having a pool on my property going to continue to be an unattainable dream?

Then my wise and discerning husband had another idea: buy a pool that actually fits and works in our backyard. He went off, and within an hour was home with a $30 Canadian Tire blow-up glorified outdoor bathtub.

Not exactly a dream come true, but it will have to do.

We filled it with just a bit of water, and the kids ran to get bathing suits on. While they were splashing away in the freezing cold water, I decided to  supervise their backyard bathing. The thought of supervising while working occurred to me so I brought out my laptop and worked for maybe 2 minutes on my writing project (big deadline the following day) and then - BIG HUGE SPLASH FROM ABOVE! Right on the keyboard of my laptop. My lecture about water + electronics = bad obviously hadn't made a huge impression.
note the huge water squirter
For about 4 hours my computer didn't work properly and I was cursing the backyard pool idea. How had we gotten here from an innocent wish for backyard bliss?

So I've decided to put this dream on hold.

"One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. 
We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden [or pool] over the horizon 
- instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today." 
- Dale Carnegie

This weekend, I'll dip my toes in the backyard bathtub. Maybe I'll even sit in it.

May you dream well, while watching your own roses bloom.


  1. Adjustment of dreams has been one of our main themes this past season. Great comments Rebecca... especially how hard we have to work when we're trying to force a certain dream that may just not be the right thing for whatever reason. Now that I've stopped looking for that horizon I am learning to appreciate so much that is around me.
    Lake Ontario
    The carousel at Port
    Our own backyard
    Melissa Bollinger Seiling

  2. Too often I think "won't life be grand when we..." really live in community with others, or have a bigger place to host people, and on and on. But I think that those habits need to happen now, regardless of where we are.

  3. I laughed -- pictured soggy cardboard boxes ...
    I gasped -- spilled milk on the computer keyboard cost us $60!!! ...
    I connected -- I too dream of a backyard pool, except that I don't even CARE if it is a glorified inflatable dinghy!!! I just want it to hold both water and air for an entire summer. Sans Manitoba bugs! Is that too much to ask!? :)

  4. Too funny, the idea of bringing the laptop to enjoy the pool while you worked... i knew what was going to come next!

  5. No, Leah, it's not too much to ask. $30 at Canadian Tire and you're good to go. $15 will even buy you a cover to keep out those mosquito eggs.

    Carol - I know. Dumbness abounds some days.

  6. I just love these pictures, cardboard and all. For us it started with a walk to church with my cell phone and there it was, a hot tub in a garage sale. I quick call to Bob and he was over to look at. We brought it home, enlarged our outdoor deck, (more $), moved the air conditioning unit (more $) and then finally really looked at the unit. And there it was, for INDOOR use only. We put it away until next Spring. We had an electrical engineer friend come and look at it (more $), had to drill through the house and go inside to turn it off and on. The first time we turned in on, the jets broke. The only great thing is that the boys don't like it so Bob and I have it all to ourselves (when it is working).

  7. Susan, I love this story! I've never heard of a hot tub at a garage sale before. Makes me feel better about our pool escapades. The hot tub sounds like a dream come true!