Wednesday, 30 March 2011

slow down

As part of this project to simplify my life, I know that I need to slow down. To do less, consume less, and be more selective. To say no. And to say yes. To be more intentional about defining my goals, and to "be good at what I'm good at" (thanks to a wise cousin for giving me that little quote). Sometimes I've put too much on my plate, and then I feel like I'm not doing anything well.

When people ask me how I am, I try not to answer "busy." I don't like hearing this from others; it makes me feel rushed just listening. I try not to end my email notes with "gotta go." When I read this on others' emails, I think What should I be doing now that I'm not? Should I "gotta go" quickly too? Should I be stressing over all of the things on my list?

I want to slow down. To see time as expansive; as enough for this day. I want to see sabbath rest as necessary and as something I can't do without. And I want this for my kids too - to catch a balance of rest and work and play. And to see people and relationships as more important than time. To see emails, telephone calls, and visits as opportunities to slow down and connect - if only for a moment - to honour others with restful presence.

Here's a photo of something that was VERY slow that I experienced 2 weeks ago: bowling with a 4-year-old. Fun, and funny, but slow. One ball even stopped before it made it to the end of the bowling lane. And my 7-year-old beat me.

I will try to slow down. Smell the roses. Take well over an hour to bowl one game. Walk instead of rush. 
And just try to be.

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