Tuesday, 29 March 2011

a prayer spot

As part of Lent this year, I want to be reminded to pray more often. I don't instinctively pray unless I'm feeling stressed. I've found that some people have an aversion to the word "prayer," but they use language like "meditate" or "send out a message to the universe." Whatever words used, it means the same to me.

I made a prayer calendar for our church called "40 ways/days to pray" with suggestions for each of the days of Lent. One of the ideas was to create a place for prayer in your home. When I suggested we could do this, my daughters went straight to work collecting objects from around the house. One daughter wanted a pretty cloth to cover the small table. They seemed to instinctively know some of the things that could remind them to pray.

Can you see some of the things on table? There are heart-shaped rocks, shells, a stone candle holder, a heart-shaped cookie cutter with a bright yellow balloon attached, a bookmark with Mother Teresa on it, a prayer calendar from our church, some sparkly jewels, a special book about a small puppy, a card that says "peace on earth", and a curled-up wooden buddha. These are the things that remind them to pray.

This morning I heard one daughter explain it to a friend who had come to play. "This is our prayer table," she told her, "It reminds us to pray to God. Because that's what we believe. Those things in nature remind us of God." 

I'd like to believe that prayer isn't just an inner, quiet way of being. Prayer, to me, is another way of slowing down and savouring the moments. I'd like to think of my life as a prayer, and that prayer can come out of the most unexpected moments and from the most ordinary joys.   

Like gratitude for my two wonderful daughters and one tremendous husband. So I say a small prayer, and smile a big smile, each time I walk past.

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