Tuesday, 4 September 2012

end of summer

Well, it's me again. I've been away from this blog since the end of May, which in blogland is an entire eternity, so I'll understand completely if you've stopped reading. But if you're still there, I'm back. Probably not in a daily way that I was at one time, but in a weekly way.

I've realized that I need this space again. The summer has been full of ups and downs and has been consumed largely by our move to a new house. My moods have been down more than usual, and I feel like I need to write to keep myself on the up and up.

I've realized the power of words - to hurt, to heal, to make whole. And also the power of silence. There is something very healing for me to type words on a page. And if these words can give just one other person a bit of a balm to their day - even better.

And now here I am, the first day of school. Part of me is really sad about the start of the school year. It makes me wonder if we squeezed enough out of this summer. But as I look back, I realize that we did many, many things that felt summer-y and oh-so-good to me. Like:

* visiting Kawartha Dairy for some chocolate peanut butter ice cream

* going on a hike at a new spot - this summer to Eagle's Nest and Egan's Chutes near Bancroft, Ontario

* canoeing on a still lake - even better, at night during a full moon

* swimming in a northern lake - even better, at night during a full moon

* finding monarch caterpillars, watching them turn to chrysalises and releasing the butterflies (we cared for 3 this summer)

* spending time with friends and renewing old friendships

* family camp at Fraser Lake Camp

* sleeping in a tent, reading by flashlight

* fishing (didn't catch a thing, but it's the process, not the product - right?)

* making s'mores over a campfire

* spending time at cottages with family

* spending evenings chatting on our new porch (old porch, but new house to us)

* making nature crafts (it's amazing what hot glue, imagination, and googly eyes can make)

* catching frogs, minnows, toads, and crayfish

* making giant bubbles

* making fresh pesto

* eating paella on a perfect summer evening

* watching the sunset on the lake

* counting the stars

* writing in the air with sparklers

* discovering a new bakery (that sells macarons, which we hadn't had since our time in France)

* going rock collecting at this cool place that looks tacky but was a pile of fun

* eating wild raspberries

* quietly watching a deer from only 15 feet away

* jumping from a jumping tower

* floating on my back in a lake and completely forgetting about everything

* planting new things in our backyard

* lying in a hammock, watching squirrels fight and hummingbirds flit around

* reading a novel (hasn't happened in a long, long while)

* tie-dying t-shirts

* watching street performers

* riding the ferris wheel

* eating cotton candy

* building an inukshuk

* doing a belly flop

There. I feel better already. I really DID have a summer. Phew! When I look at this kids' bucket list, I love that there are many things on there that we did this summer.

And now I can enter this new day, this new school year at a brand new school for my girls, knowing that we played, we relaxed, we summered well.

What are your favourite summer memories? Or things on your must-do list in the summer?


  1. Looks like a wonderful summer. It makes me happy that some of your summer was at Fraser Lake. Great photos as well. Have a great year!!

    1. Fraser figured prominently in our summer fun. Such a wonderful place! You have a great year too, Maria - hope your back to school is going well for your family. :)

  2. So glad you're back! Definitely missed your posts. We spent lots of time swimming this summer, but it went by so fast we didn't get the chance to do any camping. Hoping to at the end of September. I've come to realize that although Summer vacation is over, we still have the weekends!

    1. Good to hear from you, Pam! And you're right about the weekends.

  3. So glad you're back - I missed your posts! :)
    Sounds like a wonderful summer. Say hi to Eden for me. Come visit us sometime in our new LCNS school (same place, totally different set-up).

    1. Good to hear from you, Julianne! Eden says hi back. Hope your school year has started well!

  4. Welcome back, Rebecca! I have missed your presence and yet I myself have been offline for the summer. Feeling an unresting feeling as summer turns to fall. Trying to fit back into life at home. I am inspired to record our summer wanderings, as you have, as a way to reflect, embrace and move forward. Thanks for sharing all of your lovely summer happenings. Beautiful words and photos to match. Cheers!

    1. I know that "unresting feeling" - I get it too! :)

  5. I'm glad you're back Rebecca. I was still checking nearly every day throughout the summer!

    1. You're so hopeful! Thanks for the welcome back. :)